Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am so appalled I am nearly speachless.

I just saw what is perhaps the most upsetting thing I have ever seen on TV. Ever.

Dr. Phil had a special episode in which he discussed race and… birth control. Not really sure what the connection there is. I had to fast forward through the race discussion because it was so unbearable. (A giant white man lecturing Master P on his racism!!!)

They moved on to a discussion about the merits of dispensing birth control to middle and high schoolers. So who would you think Dr. Phil would get to help him with this discussion? Perhaps a gynecologist, a Planned Parenthood outreach coordinator, or even a women’s studies professor? Nope. Bishop T.D. Jakes. Another middle aged man. Of course! Because he is qualified to lecture viewers about female sexuality (without any mention of male sexuality other than Dr.Phil's 'joke' that those boys should be kicked in the rear end). Ridiculous.

Let me just say, I do not necessarily disagree with what they were saying. Yes I think parents should be more involved in their children’s lives. Yes I think that many teenagers have sex before they are ready. Yes I believe that our society creates a horrible sense of confusion for young people with messages of sexual liberation along with abstinence only sex ed. (this, of course, they did not discuss). Yes I think that birth control should not be distributed in schools without a very serious and lengthy discussion about the consequences of sexual behavior. However, I am appalled by the overt sexism of having two middle-aged men not only lecture but shame young women into behaving in accordance with some antiquated notion of sexual propriety.

I am so shocked and appalled that I cannot even think of anything else to say about this. This is classic backlash.


Life Upside Down said...

Silly! Classist and sexist! Dr. Phil's only strategy is to shame people into compliance. Young boys bear little to no responsibility, which is indicating to me that the society assumes that these boys will abandon their kids and leave them to the girls to raise. If you have a society where men were held accountable (not just financially, but socially), they would have a strategy for the boys as well. I can't tell you how many times people have congratulated me for having three boys because 'at least they won't get pregnant'. My response is 'what's the difference? They'll have to take care of the child either way!' Then a light bulb goes off and the conversation ends. Sad.

Cortney said...

Exactly!! My 20 year old brother has a small child and it has changed his entire world. (I think he could stand to take a bit more responsibility but that is just my opinion.) But you are right on. If men were held as responsible for parenting as women were this would have been an entirely different episode.

And it sounds like you are doing your part with your boys. ; )

Bianca Reagan said...

What? This is why I don't watch Dr. Phil.

Cortney said...

hahaha! yeah, I don't like to watch it but it is just so rich! there is so much for me to write about. I could keep a blog on Dr. Phil alone.