Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am overwhelmed with the amount of research and writing I have to do over the next two weeks. I promise many posts as soon as this quarter is over. Some of the things I am writing about for my finals include:
-feminist blogs as activism and social justice
-dr. phil as a celebrity
-my experiences teaching social justice to tenth graders

I will be sure to post some excerpts from the Dr. Phil paper and possibly from the blog paper here.

I will also be addressing the insidious comments that I received on my Grand Theft Auto posts. Despite their offensiveness and lack of critical consciousness I did allow them past moderation to show the need for feminism in today's world. Anonymity allows for a really terrifying honesty. I will discuss those comments (which I am still getting, btw) in detail when school is done.

Finally, I am thrilled to see that feministing linked to this site on their blog roll! Yay! I am so proud and honored to be recognized by such an amazing group of feminists who are really enacting positive social change through their writing and community building. Thanks!!


kat said...

good luck with all the writing!
I'm looking forward to reading more from you, though I totally understand school stress and it needing to come first!!

Cortney said...

Thanks! Along with writing more I hope to read more. Your blog is on my list!

Feminist Review said...

One blog that you might want to check out for your paper is Blank Noise Project, which is an anti-street harassment blog based in India. It's wonderful.

Cortney said...

That is a great resource. I will forward it on to a friend of mine who is doing her research on gender and spatial development in India. Thanks!