Friday, September 25, 2009

I Hope They Serve Karma in Hell

I have been meaning to blog about Tucker Max and I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell for quite awhile but every time I try to put pen to paper I am too overwhelmed and horrified to continue. What can I say about someone whose hatred of women and disabled people is so acute and obvious? All I can do is shake my head and mutter about how this proves the need for feminist activism.

After contemplating some quasi-legal anti-IHTSBIH actions, I decided to start a Facebook page with lots of links and information for people who are unfamiliar with the film. I hope we can educate without having to ever pay money to see this film or encouraging anyone else to do so. This film should come with a serious trigger warning. Since it does not, I offer my own for all of the links and videos on my Facebook page and here.

The Facebook page is currently by invite only so feel free to request an invitation if you would like to be a part of this small feminist action.

Here is a link to the trailer from Shakesville.
Here is the Gawker movie review.
There has been some controversy about the I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell ads on CTA buses with slogans like "Deaf girls can't hear you coming" and "Blind girls can't see you coming."
And here is a little culture jamming because we are not without agency here.

So you don't have to subject yourself to the book, blog or movie, here are some of the most telling quotes from Max
On women:
- “She may be a vacuous slut with no taste, but at least she’s not a stripper.”
- “I’d rather mainline Drano than listen to another minute of your whore prattle.”
- “Your gender is hardwired for whoredom.”
- “I don’t like her because she’s a negative fucking bitch, not because she has tits.”
- “Fat girls aren’t real people.”
- “Cum dumpsters.”

On fun:
- “Ready to get shit-faced and grab some titty!?”
- “We can’t all go after the girl with low self-esteem.”

On what women are good for, beyond fucking:
- “I will gut you and grind you into pig fodder.”
- “Get away from me or I’m going to carve a fuck hole in your torso.”
- “I want to shoot every one of these bitches.”
- “The only way I can cut you deep is with a battle axe and a running start.”
- “Rape’s not funny, but murder can be.”


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is absolutely horrible!

DK said...

You mean they actually made this garbage into a movie? I'll have to check out your facebook page on it.

Becky said...

You're a fucking idiot...
I would use the dreaded "b" word but I don't want to be called a rapist because of the words I use, because that makes total sense to begin with.
WHy don't you actually go watch the movie before you make these claims about it?
The character who says all those things has a change of heart and actually enters into a meaningful relationship with that stripper, but only after bonding with her 7 year old son.
Although it's because of people like you that I wish he hadn't had a change of heart you fucking idiot.
Seriously, it's a good thing you hate men so much and will probably never reproduce, the gene pool thanks you.

Cortney said...

Nice. Normally I don't post comments that are this heinous but I just couldn't resist this one. Thanks for helping me prove my point Becky. Also, thanks for your concern for my reproductive capacity and choices. At least I had the decency not to make any personal attacks.

kat said...

I know nothing whatsoever about this movie, and I don't particularly care to go and find anything out, but the "pig fodder" line is especially disgusting.

A few years ago in Vancouver, prostitutes were disappearing. It took authorities forever to notice that there was a pattern, I suppose because hookers disappearing into thin air is somehow not a problem to the police.....

Anyway, it turns out that a psychopath was kidnapping prostitutes, taking them to his pig farm and literally turning them into sausage.

I don't want to waste brain space on this barf-inducing topic anymore, but I wonder what's worse, a movie that unknowingly writes a "joke" about cannibalizing women, or one that knows the Vancouver story and writes the same supposed joke.

Don't know which scenario applies, but either way, my morning's shot.

MEESHELL said...

Although Becky did not say it in the nicest way, she is right. The movie and website is not really sexist if you read it. The only thing I think he's guilty off is sleeping around a lot and being an asshole, but note all the women are WILLING and he treats them the way they put themselves out there. He often says that he's not sexist, but hates all people equally, and I think that sums him up quite well.

Slonedog2002 said...

Anyone who takes this movie seriously is either a feminazi or they completely lack a sense of humor. I realize i created an oxymoron with that last statement. This movie is garbage.....agreed! But, it's funny garbage. The quotes from this movie are endless....I laughed till i cried on the "battle axe" quip. Funny how the man haters never come out in contempt of the robust ladies who accept a paycheck in these movies where they are "degraded" or in defense of Sarah Palin/Condoleeza Rice/Michele Bachman when they are called much worse.....and not as part of a script. Feign your self-righteousness all you want Feminazi''re as vindictive and hateful as any man dreamed of being and in many cases you're much worse. I like to think Tucker Max had the authors of tripe like this "stand for feminism" blog when he penned these extremely nasty (yet hilarious) jabs at women. By the way, if you watch the movie the chubby girl (battle axe scene) gets him back in a very nasty way by putting Visine in his beer. It gives you uncontrollable diarrhea in case you were wondering. He ended up clinching his ass together while running across the lobby of a hotel while his bowels involuntarily emptied one disgusting fart at at time. Classic sophmoric humor. it was hilarious and the "character diserved every bit of it. It was equally funny as the line. I'll spoil the end for you....Tucker realizes what a self-absorbed jack ass he is and goes out of his way to apologize/make amends to his friends that abandoned him because of his personality. It's not a chick flick by any means, but sometimes you have to witness the bad to get to the end. Noone would watch a movie that marginalizes women without bringing it back to watchable ending. In short, stop taking yourself so seriously. It's not any easier growing up short and bald either, but I haven't started a blog in revolt.

davon said...

The movies was very insightful and interesting...the themes were described very well in detail