Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Green Bay Blogging

Still in Green Bay so I figured I'd do some local blogging.

The big controversy here is over a nativity scene located at the entrance of city hall. A Madison based group, the "Freedom from Religion Foundation," called the city on its blatant violation of the ideal of seperation of church and state.

Many folks around here, including my parents, think that the Madison group is making a big deal out of nothing because "no one around here cares!"
I am very glad that someone is finally calling the city on its violation. The nativity scene is a blatantly Christian symbol. Placing it outside of the courthouse suggests a religious bias toward Christianity which is not fair to the many other faiths that make up the population of Brown County.

To make ammends for this decision the city said that if any Jewish group wanted they could put up a menorah. Of course, Hanukkah has been over for a while now..... And that still does not help the myriad other religions that are not represented at this taxpayer funded city building.

Frankly, I too am more than a little shocked that this is such a big deal. It should be obvious that religious symbols have no place in front of a city building.


Anonymous said...

Somehow a google search took me to your blog and this entry.

As you are a feminist, I would encourage you to check out the book "Finally Feminist" by John G. Stackhouse


and the section called, "Jesus Was A Feminist" at


See also:


Cortney said...

I have no problem with Jesus or Christianity (at least not on this blog) what I do have a problem with is the blurring of the lines between church and state. That blurry boundary has caused plenty of problems for feminists.

Local Government Pontificator said...

A serious question.

If placing a nativity scene to celebrate the Federal Holiday of Chirstmas, is blurrying church and state, does that mean you believe Christmas should be removed as a holiday?

Cortney said...

I don't necessarily think it should be a federal holiday, no.