Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Boy Toys/Girl Toys

About two weeks ago I wrote about the highest and lowest paying college degrees and noted that the degrees with the greatest financial value are in fields dominated by men. Today I found this amusing comic that offers an, albeit oversimplified, explanation. Gender socialization plays such a massive role in the stratification of our society it is hard to imagine why anyone would argue that nature is responsible for these differences. Here is a series of very clear examples of nurture clearly overpowering nature.


Anonymous said...

"I especially loved when Sarah Palin's campaign used the song "Independence Day," sung by Martina McBride and written by Gretchen Peters, and Peters donated all of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood."

Hey Cortney,

How is it inflammatory to describe the medical “procedure” whereby a baby is stabbed at the base of the skull, her brains literally sucked out of her head, her skull crushed and then removed from the birth canal? Or the process by which she is burned with chemicals, dismembered with forceps, stabbed in the heart with a lethal injection, or forcefully sucked out of the womb?

Those are simply the facts. It sounds inflammatory only to those who are liars and killers.

The language of liars and killers is far more ambiguous. Words like “choice”, “rights”, and “reproductive health” have an empowering and clinical ring to them, while they hypnotize a self-centered, hedonistic culture. “Fetus” is uttered callously as though it means something less than a human being. To the liars and killers, this is their vernacular, and it is persuasive and deceiving.

The time has come to admit what you’re really saying, what you’re really demanding – the right to violently extinguish another human being simply because you wish it. Your rhetoric may sound clever to you, with all its vague and generic descriptions of the baby in the womb, but the truth is never disguised, and every human heart not already atrophied by hate and death knows the truth. Abortion does not terminate a pregnancy. Abortion terminates the baby.

You are not heroes of choice or bodily autonomy or freedom or women’s rights. You are cheerleaders for and distributors of death. You are pirates who plunder the womb and profit from the killing of children.

Cortney said...

Okay, so normally I would not have let this comment past moderation (sometimes I feel like all of my mail is junk comments!) but I had to post this one because it seemed so strange for a troll.

First this person used my name, most of them don't do that. Second, this person is making a comment that has nothing remotely to do with this post. I haven't written anything about abortion in probably over a year so I don't know where this came from. Third, why the anonymity? If you are so impassioned about this topic, at least own it. Especially when you feel the need to be so disgustingly graphic about it. Finally, I think this commenter came here from Shakesville because s/he is alluding to a comment I left on that blog which also didn't have much to do with abortion other than the casual mention of Planned Parenthood.

Look, I understand very well what an abortion is and what the procedure entails. I also understand that that is NOT what choice is about at all. But I don't need to go into that because it has been done ad nauseam. And I just do not feel like doing it today.

All I can say is, what the hell?

bowspearer said...

2/2 If feminism is to be what it claims and not what its detractors rather accurately currently accuse it of, then it needs to start espousing equality and not one sides gender supremacism based entirely in privilege while being devoid of responsibility.

I'll be extremely interested to hear your response to this Courtney.

bowspearer said...

1/2 Courtney, as far as the topic at hand goes; I call a load of crap. Seriously. I'm a geek and there are several women I know who are into Star Trek, Firefly and other Sci-Fi series and some are even collectors of action figures who have been since they were kids. I'm not talking Barbies here, I mean lines like Transformers.

Furthermore as statistically with the prevalence of divorce in the Western world and the overwhelming number mothers who get custody in those cases; the vast majority of blame for girls being given Barbies instead of action figures has to fall to mothers.

However the reality is that with feminist culture on the whole, it's so much easier to be shortsighted and blame "patriarchy" (which is
about as credible as treating tuberculosis with cough syrup, and which is analagous to the vast majority of feminist activism), than it is to treat both men and women as each being equally accountable for the continued proliferation of entrenched gender stereotypes and apportioning blame/responsibility to both.

Feminism needs to start treating nutcases like Mary "hey let's solve all the world's problems by rounding up and killing 90% of all men" Daly like the deranged lunatics they are and start basing the movement on the sound, in-depth and spot-on analysis of listening to feminists like Miriam Dixon and in the process start to recognise that while one half of equality is rights; the other is responsibilities and accountability.

Now to the hijacking comment:

While I agree that this has little to do DIRECTLY with the blog post at hand; indirectly though, it is a completely different situation.

Any mention of the cold hard realities of abortion and the dehumanising pseudo-science behind it and you'll generally find feminists accusing the critic of abortion of practically wanting women tied to a chain which runs between the kitchen and the bedroom.

The irony is that feminist support of abortion puts them in direct opposition of the founding mothers of feminism who recognised that if true equality was to be sought then no one person's rights should supersede another’s.

Now where this becomes relevant is this-

We have the ability to effortlessly pressurise environments. We have the ability to perfectly climate control those environments. The invention of synthetic skin means that we can synthetically bond tissue.

In fact the only thing we cannot do is get nutrients from an external source into a placenta. Figuring that out would lead to the creation of the artificial womb which would then make abortion obsolete. In fact if the world made this a research priority, we could arguably make the artificial womb a reality within a decade, if it even took that long.

However this does not happen for multiple reasons. To begin with, abortion at $250 a procedure, regardless of who pays for it, is a quarter of a billion dollar a year business in the US alone. Secondly there is an agenda in the world today of depopulation and abortions are a handy way for that to happen. The fact that an estimated 50-60 million children at their most vulnerable have been butchered in this manner is irrelevant when they're regarded as "useless eaters" or "undesirable".

Yet feminism allowed itself to get hijacked by MALE doctors who conned them into perceived victimhood at the hands of a tiny defenseless child in much the same way that Hitler managed to con the German people into perceived victimhood at the hands of the innocent Jews and the poor disabled.

Where this ties back into the original topic is as follows- rather than demanding a solution which saved both mother and child and was mindful of true equality; it was just simply easier to play the victim and declare a poor innocent child as a parasite in the same way that chauvinists would use the s-word or the w-word to describe women.