Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Open Letter to Kristen Stewart

Dear Kristen Stewart,

You know what is like rape? RAPE. That is the only thing that is "like" rape. Being on the red carpet having your photo taken incessantly may be unpleasant for you, it may even be something you wish to never do again, but fortunately you have that option. Please remember this on future occasions. Thank you,



Savannah said...

It's good to see that she has since made what appears to be a very sincere apology:,,20316279_20391187,00.html

Cortney said...

Thanks for the link Savannah. I did see a story about that earlier today. It is a much appreciated statement and judging from the article, she seems like a pretty cool person. That is no pass for this poor choice of language but I am glad she has taken the criticism so seriously.

I would highly recommend NOT reading the comments section on that link. Unless you like hearing a bunch of rape apologia and "feminists look for stuff to get mad about."

One commenter did make an interesting point about how paparazzi stalk celebrities and a young woman may feel very violated by that. I know that everyday street harassment makes me feel violated so I cannot imagine how she feels to have that level of harassment. Still, not like rape but definitely a feminist issue to be further analyzed.